Mobile Website Design - How It Works  

Automatic Redirection:

We provide you with a mobile detection script that enables your desktop website to recognize traffic from mobile devices and redirects them to your mobile website. The process is the following:

The Customer visits your website using a mobile device
The device detection script on your PC website recognizes that this is a mobile device
The Customer is automatically redirected to your mobile website powered by AWS-Mobile
The Customer is guaranteed 100% compliance to mobile web standards and responsive design
The Customer gets the needed information instead of being frustrated
The Customer enjoys using your website

Your content at your customers' fingertips


Why Mobile?

Four reasons why you can't ignore web mobile development:

- There are 4.5 billion mobile Internet users and growing rapidly.
- Clients save time using a mobile version.
- It's prestigious to have both mobile and PC versions.
- Mobile Websites Increase Traffic and help grow your business!

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