Google Invites Social Networks To Push Activity Streams to Google Analytics

Posted December 9th, 2011 by AWS and filed in RSS Feeds

Google is inviting social networks and platforms to integrate their activity streams with Google Analytics. These activity streams will be surfaced in a set of social reports that our team is building to help marketers better measure engagement and impact across social channels (coming next year), a Google spokesperson tells WebProNews.

In a post on the Google Analytics Blog, the company says:

Every day, millions of people share and engage with content online. But most sharing doesnt happen on the site where it was published, it happens throughout the social web. Marketers and publishers are looking for a comprehensive view of all interactions with their content on and off their site and so were working hard to make this happen.

To enable our customers to discover whos sharing, voting and bookmarking their content on the social web, cross-network measurement needs to become easier.

Google is letting any network add things like +1s, votes, comments, etc. into Google Analytics social reports, so that the info is available for Google Analytics users.

Google has set up a social data hub based on ActivityStreams and PubsubHubbub, and is already working with Delicious, Digg, Gigya, LiveFyre, ReadItLater, Reddit, TypePad, Vkontakte, Google+, Boogger and Google Groups.

I couldnt help but notice that Facebook and Twitter are not on that list.

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